Need to Find a Water Source on Your Land?

What Is Involved in Water Well Drilling?

If you need to find a source of water on your land and have scheduled professional water well drilling to be done. Knowing what this involves will stand you in good stead of what to expect when the driller arrives.

It’s true that people living in urban areas, or even small towns, very rarely think about how rural residents get their water. For those not yet connected to a municipal water system, the only option will be to drill or dig a well. Well drilling consists of boring a hole and then pounding lengths of pipe into the ground until water is reached, well that is the condensed version anyway.

The first step will always be to find a location. The well needs to be either close to a house or barn, depending on the purpose it serves, and no one wants to be drilling a solid piece of granite. Potential drill sites will often be determined via sonar readings; however, the old fashioned method of dowsing is still popular today and have proved to be remarkably accurate.

Once a site is found, the drilling can start. When a driller is very lucky, they will hit water at as little as 25 feet below ground. However, if Lady Luck is not around, a 1,000-foot hole may be required. With the latter case water well drilling just becomes a great deal more expensive, as most drillers charge between $20 – $30 US Dollars per foot.

Well drilling can be performed in various ways. The simplest one is what is called driven well; this is when one pounds a length of pipe into the earth until water has been reached. The pipe is threaded, and a cap put on the top end to protect the threads against the constant smashing of the sledgehammer. The bottom of the pipe is covered with a screen to prevent it from filling with dirt and debris. Once a length of pipe has been driven almost into the ground, the cap will be removed, and another length of pipe screwed on, and the cap moved to the top for another round of pounding.

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